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PRO Tumble Ankle Magnets

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Take your tumbling to PRO level!

Work your technique at home, in the gym or on the go. PRO Tumble ankle magnets train your feet together creating new muscle memory effortlessly! It's like having a coach with you, wherever you go.

The unique PRO Tumble design brings high-grade magnets which are less bulky and easier to detach when wanted. Same power and precision with improved usability and comfort!

Now available in blue and PURPLE!


  • Trains athletes' feet together in numerous skills including tumbling & stunting
  • Works for both standing and running tumbling
  • Train safer, better and progress faster
  • Immediately corrects technique, letting athletes feel the difference
  • Increases safety through proper body positioning
  • Self train technique at home or in the gym
  • Lightweight (note: these are not ankle weights)


  • Pack of two ankle magnet straps
  • Extra strong magnets
  • Soft inside padding for comfort and snug fit
  • Storage bag

PRO Tumble Ankle Magnet Instructions