Back Handspring 101

Back-handspring, flick, backflip are all the same and are a much sought after skill. As a coach it's a skill that the beginners aspire to and the advanced tumblers are always seeking to improve. The most common question parents and athletes ask is how to achieve the back-handspring.

Firstly don't think of the back-handspring as a stand alone skill. It is in fact a progression - just like the handstand, cartwheel and round-off - to higher level skills. I find when athletes are limited to just achieving the back-handspring, they aren't conditioned to what comes after and therefore end up with sloppy skills that only just stick.


Pre requisites

- Solid handstand hold (without a wall) for 3 counts. 

- Round-off with great control and power generation, understanding correct rebound technique and body positioning.

- Jump to crash mat landing on back, demonstrating correct set, jump, swing, body tension, hips up and tight arms.

- Handstand pops

- Note a back-walkover is not a prerequisite for a back-handspring.


Training drills for home

- Dish & Superman holds

- Handstands & Cartwheel step-togethers


How ankle magnets can help




Should I use a trampoline or get mum/dad to spot me?